palm cast sequel

reel tap caught me, soften your incisor. and drawstring greedily and panting fingers one more and, and now another. flesh cock choking you while redfaced womb against it squeezing like a tourniquet

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tonguely soft you good girl

thrice with spokes to palm, dancing leg gap, this is mine, and deeply. kiss your soft and softly wet

tangled shade past chestnut, reins, and yank, in one bite hold you there, what you cannot swallow.

white-knuckle neath you pillow, good girl, index nibble. it’s mine is tented tonguely, now a plunge and make you make you scream



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Self-organization and self-assembly

Self-organization and self-assembly

Interactions between large numbers of components may generate self-organized and self-assembled structures. Unfortunately, these terms are used in different ways in different scientific disciplines, and are even used interchangeably. A simple way of distinguishing them is to define self-assembly as a process that generates a structure that is in static equilibrium and is thermodynamically more stable than its components, and the assembly is driven by this energy difference [41]. Self-organizing systems increase their internal order over time implying a decrease in system entropy, so that self-organizing systems cannot be closed. The second law of thermodynamics requires energy transfers across the boundary and there is a corresponding increase in the entropy of the environment in which the system is embedded [33]. The self-organized structure is maintained in dynamic equilibrium and decays if the energy source is removed. A recent paper discusses the relationship between self-organization and self-assembly and gives examples of how these definitions apply across multiple disciplines [41]. Examples of systems that are difficult to categorize and that cross boundaries are also given. Understanding the mechanisms that underlie self-assembly and self-organization will enhance our ability to design materials and new technology for important fields such as nanotechnology, tissue engineering, and biomaterials. Complex systems concepts and modelling tools provide additional methods for understanding the behaviour of these systems.

Modelling for Regenerative Medicine: Systems Biology Meets Systems Chemistry
David A. Winkler*, Julianne D. Halley,
Frank R. Burden

CSIRO Molecular and Health Technologies,
Private Bag 10, Clayton 3168, Australia
Published in: “Systems Chemistry”, Martin G. Hicks & Carsten Kettner (Eds.),

Proceedings of the Beilstein-Institut Workshop, May 26th – 30th, 2008, Bozen, Italy.

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lady i will touch you ~ e. e. cummings

Lady,i will touch you with my mind.
Touch you and touch and touch
until you give
me suddenly a smile,shyly obscene

(lady i will
touch you with my mind.)Touch
you,that is all,

lightly and you utterly will become
with infinite care

the poem which i do not write.

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The only ones for me are the mad ones, some will fall before we rest

“They danced down the streets like dingledodies, and I shambled after as I’ve been doing all my life after people who interest me, because the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes “Awww!” on the road, kerouac

……ohai. 😮

Anybody wanna chat? I’ve got promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.

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The flower of love lies bleeding, by T. Campbell


OH ! once the harp of Innisfail

Was strung full high to notes of gladness ;

But yet it often told a tale

Of more prevailing sadness.

Sad was the note, and wild its fall,

As winds that moan at night forlorn

Along the isles of Fion-Gall,

When, for O’Connor’s child to mourn,

The harper told, how lone, how far

From any mansion’s twinkling star,

From any path of social men,

Or voice, but from the fox’s den,

The lady in the desert dwelt 5

And yet no wrongs, nor fears she felt :

Say, why should dwell in place so wild,

O’Connor’s pale and lovely child ?


Sweet lady ! she no more inspires

Green Erin’s hearts with beauty’s power,

As, in the palace of her sires,

She bloomed a peerless flower.

Gone from her hand and bosom, gone,

The royal broche, the jewelled ring,

That o’er her dazzling whiteness shone,

Like dews on lilies of the spring.

Yet why, though fall’n her brother’s kerne,

Beneath De Bourgo’s battle stern,

While yet in Leinster unexplored,

Her friends survive the English sword ;

Why lingers she from Erin’s host,

So far on Galway’s shipwrecked coast ;

Why wanders she a huntress wild

O’Connor’s pale and lovely child ?

And fixed on empty space, why burn

Her eyes with momentary wildness ;

And wherefore do they then return

To more than woman’s mildness ?

Dishevelled are her raven locks ;

On Connocht Moran’s name she calls ;

And oft amidst the lonely rocks

She sings sweet madrigals.

Placed ‘midst the foxglove and the mosSj

Behold a parted warrior 7 s cross !

That is the spot where, evermore,

The lady, at her shieling door,

Enjoys that, in communion sweet,

The living and the dead can meet,

For, lo ! to love-lorn fantasy,

The hero of her heart is nigh.

IV. ‘

Bright as the bow that spans the storm,

In Erin’s yellow vesture clad,

A son of fight a lovely form,

He comes and makes her glad ;

Now on the grass-green turf he sits,

His tasselled horn beside him laid ;

Now o’er the hills in chase he flits,

The hunter and the deer a shade !

Sweet mourner ! these are shadows vain

That cross the twilight of her brain ;

Yet she will tell you, she is blest,

Of Connocht Moran’s tomb possessed,

More richly than in Aghrim’s bower.

When bards high praised her beauty’s power,

And kneeling pages offered up

The morat in a golden cup.


” A hero’s bride ! this desert bower, .

It ill befits, thy gentle breeding :

And wherefore dost thou love this flower

To call ‘My love lies bleeding”?'”

” This purple flower my tears have nursed

A hero’s blood supplied its bloom :

I love it, for it was the first

That grew on Connocht Moran’s tomb.

Oh ! hearken, stranger, to my voice !

This desert mansion is my choice !

And blest, though fatal, be the star

That led me to its wilds afar :

For here these pathless mountains free

Gave shelter to my love and me ;

And every rock and every stone

Bore witness that he was my own.


O’Connor’s child, I was the bud

Of Erin’s royal tree of glory ;

But woe to them that wrapt in blood

The tissue of my story !

Still as I clasp my burning brain,

A death-scene rushes on my sight ;

It rises o’er and o’er again,

The bloody feud the fatal night,

When chafing Connocht Moran’s scorn,

They called my hero basely bora ;

And bade him chose a meaner bride

Than from O’Connor’s house of pride.

Their tribe, they said, their high degree,

Was sung in Tara’s psaltery ;

Witness their Eath’s victorious brand,

And Cathal of the bloody hand ;


Glory (they said) and power and honor

Were in the mansion of O’Connor :

But he, my loved one, bore in field

A humbler crest, a meaner shield.


Ah, brothers ! what did it avail,

That fiercely and triumphantly

Ye fought the English of the Pale,

And stemmed De Bourgo’s chivalry !

And what was it to love and me,

That barons by your standard rode ;

Or beal-fires for your jubilee

Upon a hundred mountains glowed ?

What though the lords of tower and dome

From Shannon to the North-sea foam,

Thought ye your iron hands of pride

Could break the knot that love had tied ?

No : let the eagle change his plume,

The leaf its hue, the flower its bloom ;

But ties around this heart were spun,

That could not, would not, be undone !


At bleating of the wild watch-fold

Thus sang my love ‘ Oh, come with me :

Our bark is on the lake, behold

Our steeds are fastened to the tree.

Come far from Castle-Connor’s clans :

Come with thy belted forestere,

And I, beside the lake of swans,

Shall hunt for thee the fallow-deer ;

And build thy hut, and bring thee home

The wild-fowl and the honey-comb ;

And berries from the wood provide,

And play my clarshech by thy side.

Then come, my love !’ How could I stay ?

Our nimble stag-hounds tracked the way,

And I pursued, by moonless skies,

The light of Connocht Moran’s eyes.


And/fast and far, before the star

Of day-spring, rushed we through the glade,

And saw at dawn the lofty bawn

Of Castle-Connor fade.

Sweet was to us the hermitage

Of this unploughed, untrodden shore ;

Like birds all joyous from the cage,

For man’s neglect we loved it more.

And well he knew, my huntsman dear,

To search the game with hawk and spear ;

While I, his evening food to dress,

Would sing to him in happiness.

But, oh, that midnight of despair !

When I was doomed to rend my hair :

The night, to me, of shrieking sorrow !

The night to him, that had no morrow !


When all was hushed at even tide,

I heard the baying of their beagle :

Be hushed ! my Connocht Moran cried,

T is but the screaming of the eagle.

Alas ! ‘t was not the eyrie’s sound ;

Their bloody bands had tracked us out ;

Up-listening starts our couchant hound

And, hark ! again, that nearer shout

Brings faster on the murderers.

Spare spare him Brazil Desmond fierce !

In vain no voice the adder charms ;

Their weapons crossed my sheltering arms :

Another’s sword has laid him low

Another’s and another’s ;

And every hand that dealt the blow

Ah me ! it was a brother’s !

Yes, when his meanings died away,

Their iron hands had dug the clay,

And o’er his burial turf they trod,

And I beheld oh God! oh God!

His life-blood oozing from the sod.


Warm in his death-wounds sepulchred,

Alas ! my warrior’s spirit brave

Nor mass nor ulla-lulla heard,

Lamenting, soothe his grave.

Dragged tc their hated mansion back,

How long in thraldom’s grasp I lay

I know not, for my soul was black,

And knew no change of night or day.

One night of horror round me grew ;

Or if I saw, or felt, or knew,

7 T was but when those grim visages,

. The angry brothers of my race,

Glared on each eye-ball’s aching throb,

And check my bosom’s power to sob,

Or when my heart with pulses drear

JBeat like a death-watch to my ear.


But Heaven, at last, my soul’s eclipse

Did with a vision bright inspire ;

I woke and felt upon my lips

A prophetess’s, fire.

Thrice in the east a war-drum beat,

I heard the Saxon’s trumpet sound,

And ranged, as to the judgment-seat,

My guilty, trembling brothers round,

Clad in the helm and shield they came

For now De Bourgo’s sword and flame

Had ravaged Ulster’s boundaries,

And lighted up the midnight skies.

The standard of O’Connor’s sway

Was in the turret where I lay ;

That standard, with so dire a look,

As ghastly shone the moon and pale,

I gave that every bosom shook

Beneath its iron mail.


And go ! (I cried) the combat seek,

Ye hearts that unappalled bore

The anguish of a sister’s shriek,

Go ! and return no more !

For sooner guilt the ordeal brand

Shall grasp unhurt, than ye shall hold

The banner with victorious hand,

Beneath a sister’s curse unrolled.

stranger ! by my country’s loss !

And by my love ! and by the cross !

1 swear I never could have spoke

The curse that severed nature’s yoke,

But that a spirit o’er me stood,

And fired me with the wrathful mood ;

And frenzy to my heart was given,

To speak the malison of Heaven.


They would have crossed themselves, all mute ;

They would have prayed to burst the spell j

But at the stamping of my foot

Each hand down powerless fell !

And go to Athunree ! (I cried)

High lift the banner of your pride !

But know that where its sheet unrolls,

The weight of blood is on your souls !

Go where the havoc of your kerne

Shall float as high as mountain fern !

Men shall no more your mansion know j

The nettles on your heart shall grow !

Dead, as the green oblivious flood

That mantles by your walls, shall be

The glory of O’Connor’s blood !

Away ! away to Athunree !

Where, downward when the sun shall fall

The raven’s wing shall be your pall !

And not a vassal shall unlace

The vizor from your dying face !


A bolt that overhung our dome

Suspended till my curse was given,

Soon as it passed these lips of foam,

Pealed in the blood-red heaven.

Dire was the look that o’er their backs

The angry parting brothers threw :

But now, behold ! like cataracts,

Come down the hills in view

O’Connor’s plumed partisans ;

Thrice ten Kilnagorvian clans

Were marching to their doom :

A sudden storm their plumage tossed,

A flash of lightning o’er them crossed,

And all again was gloom !


Stranger ! I fled the home of grief,

At Connor J Vioran’s tomb to fall ;

I found the helmet of my chief,

His bow still hanging on our wall,

And took it down, and vowed to rove

This desert place a huntress bold ;

Nor would I change my buried love

For any heart of living mould.

No ! for I am a hero’s child ;

I’ll hunt my quarry in the wild ;

And still my home this mansion make,

Of all unheeded and reviled.

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My lady of rare amber
Armada moored in the roads of Madeira
Ebony tree
Marble meander
Year after year finding me ready to surrender


Unimaginable laughter of Dido or Aeneas
Dune smell
Golden cloud
Rut flooded with a last shower
Saying nothing
Knitting a calico quilt
Queen in king made one


Board my forsaken drake
Nomad of my shadow world
Give me my name
My savior
My soul


Give me that murmuring
the echo route
where this speaking begins
My fired heart disturbs black ash
Rough whisper of a golden horn
Chrome or mercury illusion
An unknown rending of sweetness
Mine, like my own trembling

My love my golden number
beautiful sweeper of my mist
beautiful burglar of my clouds
knot at the confines of my dwelling
a blindfold embroidered with dawn


Black ink
determines this still slender code
the world’s unscathed memory
A rock, menhir, warehouse
Dormant chemistry of a gigantic oil rig
Cherokee Indian, Chinese orchid
A cedarwood chest of drawers,
A smell of beeswax, bark, caraway


Admire in my mirror
My bride wreathed in dawn
My Queen, my Diana, my Golden Bream,
A sprig of arum diffuses its scent
Laughing over nothings
over a crumb,
over a loosened ribbon
over a swim at the beach
over someone singing to the beat of a derbouka
Loving enough to die


Ancient spell
Rooted in the very heart of this modern world
like sweetwater
like a hoop, a round,
a piece of chalk
a marketplace in Manchuria
a tile in the corridor
fragrance of coriander
a cadence on an accordion


My friend my own heart
Give me an iron memory
of this world curved like a locust
An armored memory
Memory of my own Rue du Caire
Memory of the buccaneer
of Cerberus’s deck hand
at the edge of a carbon sea


Happiness consecrated to my noontime concord
to the marble of my dwelling
in the murmurings of my mouth
Hot shadow of my diadem
A radio crackles a love ballad
a fly drones
Babouche in a corner of my room
a dog barks
Sunday, on Rue du Maroc

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Vladimir Nabokov, Lolita:

The baths were mostly tiled showers, with an endless variety of spouting mechanisms, but with one definitely non-Laodicean characteristic in common, a propensity, while in use, to turn instantly beastly hot or blindingly cold upon you, depending on whether your neighbor turned on his cold or his hot to deprive you of a necessary complement in the shower you had so carefully blended.
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There once was a changeling-all-thought
Jumping walls, and raw
And timidly-all-vanity

“That blade, Argoergoblacksailregicide, is not an erstwhile peacock

You’ll Purchase mail for
Crowing high-bounce and fide
When ceasing choosing (change-blind-ling) and  Auto- Minotaur, like antimatterdoppleganger simplycanwejustbe?

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A Sampling of Atheist Texts, full book pdf, Popper, Sagan, Dennett, Harris, and others

So what I have tried to do is compile some of the less familiar with a few of the classics.  All below are the full text.

Atheist Collection #1

Collection Includes:

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